How to Buy Jio Sim sitting at home? 2022 online jio sim home delivery

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How to buy jio sim sitting at home ?

In today’s era, every person is busy in some or the other work and many people do not get leave from their work even on Sundays, so in the same way they have to order everything online sitting at home and ordering goods online today. It has also become a common thing in the era and it would have been convenient for the people tooIs.

Because, whenever they do not get time due to their job or any work, they can go to the market and buy the things they need, that’s why they have to buy everything online, so you can buy all kinds of items like food and clothes. We order and order to fly, but when it comes to that we sit at homeHow to buy a SIM card, hardly anyone would have thought about it that we can also make SIM card sitting at home, that’s why we thought why not write such a post for the information and convenience of the people, through which they can learn this. So that we can also buy jio sim card sitting at home.

For your information, I want to tell you that Reliance has started home delivery of its SIM, because of the huge crowd at the shop and it is not confirmed that we will get the SIM card. Losses have to be suffered and this fear remains due to the corona epidemicTo avoid this disease, Reliance has issued the facility of home delivery of its SIM cards so that they do not get infected with Koruna.

• How to order jio sim sitting at home?

You will get Reliance Jio SIM absolutely free, you will not have to pay any kind of charge, now Reliance is bringing 5G network and it is improving its network day by day so that people have more attachment towards Jio SIM. We know how to get Jio SIM card online sitting at homeCan buy in 2022.How to buy Jio sim sitting at home?Friends, it will be very easy to tell you that you can easily get Jio SIM sitting at home, by the way, you have two options to get Jio SIM, then you can book Jio SIM card by visiting the official website of Reliance. Apart from this, in the second way, you can use the MyJio applicationYou can book Jio SIM card online sitting at home, both of these methods are the best and we will tell about both these methods here.

How to book jio sim online?

• Friends, to order Reliance’s Jio SIM online sitting at home, first you have to go to the official website.

• After reaching this website, you will see an option named “Get Jio Sim”, click on it.

• After that you have to enter your full name, mobile number etc. Then you have to click on the option with generate OTP.

• You will get a 6-digit OTP, after entering it, you have to click on the Validate option.

• Now you can select whatever SIM card you want to buy, such as postpaid or prepaid, if you are porting it, then select port to jio or if you are buying a new SIM then you have to select the new connection.

• Here you have to enter all the asked information like delivery address pin code and flat house number etc. After filling all the information properly, you have to click on submit new jio sim request.

• Now your request will be successful, after a few days the Jio SIM card will be delivered to you by the delivery boy at your given address.

• How to buy Jio sim from home application?

Friends, now we are going to tell you about how to book jio sim online through my jio application.

• So first of all you have to download My Jio application inside your mobile.

• After downloading, you have to open it first, then you will enter inside it, there you will see the option of a Get Jio SIM, click on it.

• Then you have to enter your name, mobile number, then an OTP will come on your number, after entering it, you have to click on Verify OTP.

• After that if you are MNP then you can select exit in number MNP If you are buying new sim card then click on new number.

• Now you have to select the SIM type, which type of SIM card you want to buy, Prepaid SIM or Postpaid SIM.

• After that you can select the plan of the SIM, now you have to enter the full address of your home and click on confirm above.

In this way your process will be completed and your SIM card will be delivered to your given address.

• Documents Required to Buy Jio Sim

1) Aadhar Card
2) Voter ID Card
3) Passport
4) Driving license etc.

• What did you learn in this post

My dear friends, through this post, I have provided you information that how to buy Jio SIM card sitting at home and have tried our best to answer every question related to Jio, if still any question remains in your mind. You can ask us by commenting below, we will help you fully and thisDo share the post on social account and with your friends.

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